Flame Tree Road (a prequel to Teatime for the Firefly)

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FLAME TREE ROAD is now available on pre-order from Amazon and will be in stores on 30th June, 2015.

Published 30th June 2015 (Mira/harper Collins)

A question I get asked a lot is: “Was the second book easier to write?” The answer is  complicated.

Teatime for the Firefly my first novel slipped out easily into the world. I wrote it in my own sweet time: I never imagined I would get a 3-book deal. That was two years ago. Teatime has gone on to become a favorite of book clubs, garnering rave reviews and I have my readers to thank for that.

With the second novel, not only did I have a publishing deadline but I was plagued with a  barrage of self-doubt and fears. The only way I could get past all that and write this book was to pretend nobody would ever read it. It worked!

Braiding the plot and characters together had its usual challenges but the revision process was easier the second time around. I now knew what to expect. I learned a lot when I worked with my first publishing editor on Teatime for the Firefly. I shared my experiences in an article I wrote for the Writers Digest:“Working with a Publishing Editor.”

So here we are: another milestone. Thank you all for your love and support. I could not have done it without you. I can’t wait for you to read FLAME TREE ROAD. Cheers!

🙂 Shona

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*Book will be shipped to you on June 30th 

FLAME TREE ROAD: Book Launch at the Poisoned Pen: 30th June, 7PM
FLAME TREE ROAD: Book Launch at The Poisoned Pen: 30th June, 7PM

19 thoughts on “Flame Tree Road (a prequel to Teatime for the Firefly)

  1. Dear Shona, I am so excited to hear about the launch of your new book” Flame Tree Road”. I truly need to read a book like this at this point . I am very stressed out and your book will certainly be relaxing. By the way, is it a prequel to Tea Time—-? I cannot wait to buy my copy. Best wishes, Harmeet


    1. Yes Flametree is a prequel to Teatime. It is the grandfather’s story – Dadamoshai in Teatime. It is the story of a man’s journey to find his inner truth and the life events that shape his character. I think you will like it. Please drop me a line when you have given it a read. xx


  2. Many congratulations! The little snippet reads very well, I’m looking forward to reading the whole thing. Your article about working with an editor was very interesting. One question I’d like to ask is how you stay enthusiastic about the book when you finally finish it but then have so much editing to do. Don’t you get sick of it and want to do something else?


    1. Many thanks Lorna. I actually love the editing process. I find it energizing, even exhilarating. What I crank out on my own is not half as good without editorial input. I am too close to judge my own work and I need an objective eye. The fun for me actually begins with the editing. I like problem solving especially when the problem is presented to me clearly. My editor never offers solutions rather she points out issues and gives me reasons why something is not working, and that’s pure gold!


  3. This is wonderful news, Shona!! Met you at the Glendale (downtown) library reading way back when. 🙂
    Eager to pre-order and hope to attend your launch!! All the very best for another wonderfully successful book!!
    Kind regards,

    Sent from my iPad



  4. Good Morning, Shona…. Just had to say the Poisoned Pen evening was wonderful. Thank you for your graciousness and beautiful humor!! :)) So…….I could not out down Flame Tree Road. What a wonderful, rich, deep story. It becomes alive, real, as if you had lived every moment. I look forward to new posts and your next book with eager anticipation. Two years for the book seems like forever but, like with this one, I know it will be well worth waiting for indeed!! With love, gratitude and a big hug,Diana Kurlak

    “All You Need Is Love, Love, Love Is All You Need…” Imagine!

    Date: Fri, 8 May 2015 20:20:31 +0000 To: peacemomd@hotmail.com


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