Bihu Bold


Call me foolish, but this fall, I took the plunge and launched my own brand of Assam Tea in America. This is the same extra-strong Assam I drink myself and the same tea I want my readers to experience. Made in small batches and packed at source, you can’t get a more delicious garden-fresh Assam Tea than BIHU BOLD. And guess what? BIHU BOLD comes to you in the convenience of a tea bag! After much trial and error I hit upon the perfect small

BIHU BOLD comes in premium biodegradable pyramid tea bags for optimum infusion.

grade Broken Pekoe to match a fine-mesh bio-degradable tea bag for optimum infusion and an exceptionally hearty cup. BIHU BOLD brews quick and strong and flavorful. No fussy equipment, no clean up, no mess. All you need is piping hot water and your favorite mug and in five minutes or less you have the most satisfying cup of Assam Tea to jumpstart your morning and fuel your day.

This rich satisfying tea pairs beautifully with milk and contains approximately 40-50 mg natural caffeine per cup.

Our first shipment was used for mostly for beta testing and sold through our tea partners Mana Organics.  And yay! we got raves! Now we are ready to fly!  Next month (fingers crossed) BIHU BOLD will available on Amazon.  If you simply cannot wait to try BIHU BOLD (like many of our fans) we still have some in stock, but please hurry, because we can run out any day.  To order BIHU BOLD please click here. And please don’t forget to write and tell me what you think….

Also do take a peek at my new website  Each time I fix my self a cup of BIHU BOLD, my heart fills with gladness. Every sip has the feel-good, soul connect my heart yearns for. I can hardly wait to share a cup of BUHU BOLD with you!

Cheers! 🙂 Shona

Our sensational cover shot was taken by Kentucky photographer Jody Combs Kalla. Thank you Jodi!