Flame Tree Road

Flame tree full


Coming 30th June 2015 from Mira Books

From the acclaimed author of Teatime for the Firefly comes the story of a man with dreams of changing the world who finds himself changed by love
1870s India. In a tiny village where society is ruled by a caste system and women are defined solely by marriage, young Biren Roy dreams of forging a new destiny. When his mother suffers the fate of widowhood–shunned by her loved ones and forced to live in solitary penance–Biren devotes his life to affecting change. 
Biren’s passionate spirit blossoms as wildly as the blazing flame trees of his homeland. With a law degree, he goes to work for the government to pioneer academic equality for girls. But in a place governed by age-old conventions, progress comes at a price, and soon Biren becomes a stranger among his own countrymen. 
Just when his vision for the future begins to look hopeless, he meets Maya, the independent-minded daughter of a local educator, and his soul is reignited. It is in her love that Biren finally finds his home, and in her heart that he finds the hope for a new world.

Read the Prologue by clicking here>

Please put Inscription requests in the Information Box GLOBAL SHIPPING AVAILABLE
Please put Inscription requests in the Information Box




  1. michelle nelson says:

    I picked up your book Tea Time For The Firefly by chance and loved every second of reading it with my tea and it was well written and intimate I really enjoyed it thank you for peak into the society, culture, of a place i hope to one day visit while sharing a very personal love story, thank you and I look forward to you next book.


    1. Shona Patel says:

      Many thanks for your kind words. I’m so glad you enjoyed Teatime for the Firefly.


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