Author Visit


I am happy to meet with book clubs, depending on my time and availability. I can also join in the discussion and take questions via Skype or on speaker phone. To schedule an author visit, please send me a request via my Contact Form. Thanks!


  1. Wow, I wish I’d seen your blog before this. I am running a book club meeting on Monday, January 11 where we are going to have a short presentation by a chai maker before we discuss your book. I should have started seriously preparing much sooner than I did and I might have found this much earlier! Since I didn’t, let me just say that I throughly enjoyed this book and especially loved the glimpse into life in a tea plantation of that era. Fantastically written and very vivid.


    1. Thanks much for choosing Teatime for the Firefly for your book club.Sounds Like it’s going to be lot of fun. I would love to hear how it went. Please give my love to every one.😊💕Shona


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