How make a perfect cuppa!


Tea is very Hygroscopic, that is, it will readily pick up moisture from the air. It will also quickly pick up fragrances, good or bad. If, for example, an open packet of tea is stored next to soap,  spices or other strong-smelling materials the tea will quickly pick up these smells and impart them to the brewed cup! An airtight container will protect against unwanted fragrances/taints. Also if tea is stored under bright lights it will go off quickly. Ideal storage conditions have been put at a temperature of 20 deg C and a relative humidity of 35% under which tea will neither dry out or absorb moisture.

Back in 1941 they took their tea most seriously. For a good old giggle click here to watch this very amusing video on TEA MAKING TIPS from 1941 


Step 1.

Always use freshly drawn water as water which has previously been boiled will have become de-oxygenated and will not produce such a good liquor.If possible the water should be filtered to remove the chlorine and other additives that affect the taste. Softened water will also produce a better liquor.

Step 3.

Once the water reaches a rolling boil it should be poured immediately onto the tea leaves, as over-boiling will again de-oxygenate the water and produce a flat liquor. Tea brews best at 100 degrees Celsius.

Step 2.Use one teaspoon of loose black tea per person plus one for the pot. Warm the teapot first to ensure a better brew. Step 4.To give the best brew, leave the tea to brew for between 3-5 minutes, covering the teapot to keep the heat in.

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