I have revised this post and added a poll. Please share with me how you blog. I learn from others as much as I do from myself. Cheers!

Tea Buddy

The blog is a beast! It has to be fed. Regularly. The portions have to be right. The food healthy. No junk. Beware of the dangers of over-feeding your blog! Blogging is addictive. Novice bloggers blog every cough, sneeze and whiff of air that blows through their lives.  It’s easy to overindulge the beast and just as easy to starve it. Actually overfeeding will lead to starvation and it’s eventual sad demise. Restraint and portion control are key.

Nothing depresses me more than the cry of a starving blog. It’s like that cute little thing I took for a walk, played around with, then shamelessly ran away when it was watching a squirrel. If you find abandoned blogs crying out my name, please say you don’t know me. I have nightmares about them. It is easy to father a blog, but hellish hard to mother one. It takes time and commitment: two…

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  1. Hi Shona – I think that I forwarded my comments about ghosts on tea estates to you via e-mail. I had had only a few experiences of such ghostly happenings, but the one that I really had a cause to be concerned about was one that I saw (?) at Doyang Tea Estate in the Golaghat district of Assam in 1965. I was staying with the Manager of that garden at his bungalow and on the second night I woke up at around 3am and had felt, or so I thought, a nudge whilst in bed. I turned over and ‘saw’ this badly disfigured face staring at me, to which I responded with a swing of my left arm. Naturally, in such events, there was nothing there and I got up from my bed and went and sat in the ‘jali-cumra’ until the manager (a Mr Gohain then) came and joined me for ‘palan ka chai’ at 6am. I talked to him about this event and he said “Oh, you saw it as well did you? – Yes, I know of it, the bungalow staff said that it is the ghost of a tea planter that had commited suicide many years ago by shooting himself in the head” – I completed the Crossley engine overhaul in record time and I departed to my next job in the Mariani district!


    1. OMG THAT is seriously scary!!!! There is a very similar incident in my book “Teatime for the Firefly”. I am not sure who told me this story (must check my notes) The Doyang ghost is obviously a very famous ghost in the tea circuit. I wonder if the Manager’s bungalow is still there. Do you have a photo? Thanks for sharing.


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