1. Astrid says:

    I used to live in No 6 Bungalow Hunwal (the above bungalow) when I was two years old in 1961.

    My father was a tea planter – Ike Allan. He worked for Jardine Henderson.


    Astrid Saunders nee Allan

    Thank you for making these photos available.


    1. teabuddy says:

      Hi Astrid,
      You were in Hunwal exactly at the same time I was in Duklingia. I was two years old too in 1961. We must have been in the Mariani christmas parties together! It was a special childhood – was it not? Shona


      1. Astrid Allan says:

        Yes Shona we must have been because I recall my mother mentioning the Mariana parties. Sorry for the delay in my response to your message. My parents were Ike and Marlene Allan.


  2. Kaushik says:

    I stayed in the bungalow for a week or so during my visit to Hunwal Tea Factory. It was in the month of August 1987. The guest room is on the right corner of the house. The Estate belongs to McLeod Russel.


    1. teabuddy says:

      This is one of my favorite bungalows. I know this one inside out because my best friend lived here.


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