Beautiful Blogger and Very Inspiring Blogger Awards!

Woohoo, bring out the red carpet folks – I have been nominated for two Blogger awards, thanks to Kathryn Martins, Trinidad writer who lives “in a valley surrounded by the backs and shoulders of hills, against which corbeaux* and corn birds and shock-green parrots, hawks and white egrets and God knows how many other feathered beasts cast their shadows.” Can you tell she is a writer of fine literary fiction, or what? Kathryn writes the most intriguing short stories: the kind that will either leave you hanging by a fingernail or buzz inside your head for days. You can check them out on Kathryn Martin’s blog here.

In order to keep my award and not have it snatched away by those lurking Oscar mongers, I need to say seven  things about myself. So here goes.

1. I can write backwards.

2. I am clueless about wine – I lean towards sweet and cheap

3. My dream job is to be Prank Manager on Candid Camera

4. I don’t like flavored teas but will drink anything if I like the company

5. My favorite spectator sport is Sumo Wrestling  (the cheapest seats are closest to the stage)

6. I can burst bubble wrap all day long

7. I laugh an awful lot: my humor is pathetically low brow (the banana-peel-falling down-pie-in-you-face kind)

And since I am already up here on stage decked out in my guccis and puucis, I may as well nominate  a few of my favorite bloggers for the same two awards (**may I have the envelopes please**)

Here they are in random order:

Write it Sideways

Cynthia Robertson’s Blog

Leanne Shirtliffe Ironic Mom

Shubhakar Das: Fic-fac

Julia’s Blog

Alexis Grant: The Traveling Writer

Enjoy your awards folks. Let’s toast each other with a glass of corbeaux* – this sounds like a fancy wine to me but I suspect it may be something feathered that may not fit in a glass. Oh, never mind, stay well & blog happy!