1. Pratyush Parasar Sarma says:

    Looks like Managers Bungalow of Dufflating TE situated at Golaghat District of Assam.


    1. teabuddy says:

      Many thanks for this information.


  2. Pamela Anderson then Kemp says:

    To me this bungalow looks like a renovated version of the engineer sahib’s bungalow on bordubi, which was the next tea garden to where I lived on Koomsong in 1946 to1948′ when I returned to England through ill- health


    1. teabuddy says:

      The mystery deepens! It’s a very old bungalow that much I can tell. I should ask the Dawkins family who I got it from.


  3. Louise says:

    I was thinking of Peter and Diana James’s bungalow?


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