Tea Silliness

Tea Silliness

I wish folks would not be so serious about tea. Here is my jolly for the day! Click photo to buy on Etsy. Cheers!


British Colonial Tea Garden Bungalows of India

The Amgoorie Tea Estate Managers bungalow in Assam

British Colonial Tea Garden Bungalows of India

Here is a collection of old tea garden bungalows of Assam. I will add to this PINTREST BOARD (click HERE to see images) from time to time.

No, I have not died…


This can happen only to a monkey who is not tech savvy. I did something only monkeys do: pressed the wrong button and all my half-finished drafts that I was loud-mouthing about (remember?)  D-I-S-A-P-P-E-A-R-E-D!!


This was my first reaction.

Uh-oh, something’s wrong.

Followed by:

This can’t be happening. All gone? WHAT!!

Next I went outside and kicked a few rocks (no pix available).

Then I drank 3 cups of tea (no pix available).

Finally I put an ad on Craigslist to the effect: Monkey messed up WordPress blog. Ate drafts. Please help. No money. Only good karma. Will pay it forward.

Guess what? Tons of folks wrote back. TONS!! I got back emails saying “How can I help?” “Whats wrong?” “Send link” etc. Then one very fine fellow  patiently helped me figure out where I goofed up. Sadly the damage cannot be undone but never mind, I am deeply gratified to know there is sweetness  in this world.

This is where I am now.

Lost drafts=renewed faith in humanity.


Never tell your resolution before hand

– John Selden

In other words no need to blab about what you are planning to do. Just do it for God’s sake. GO NIKE!!

Yo folks! It’s good to be back. Will post as soon as my head settles.

Cheers !