People see what they want to see

Here I am: half light, half shadow. A blog is just that. You tell the world what you want them to see but people wonder what you are hiding. Social media can be terrifying. I feel like a pageant contestant (the last one) to go on the stage. The lights are too bright. The other glittering contestants are all lined up, smiling confidently. The audience is dark; I can’t see their faces. Are they judging me? I don’t even know them. What if I say something stupid? What if I trip and fall?

One thing I have decided: I am not going to “photoshop” this blog. That includes who I am, what I’ve accomplished and what I know. Frankly, I am bored to tears with this oh-so-pretty, utterly fake and shockingly digitized world. Social media is full of frou-frou food and impossibly beautiful people living impossibly perfect lives. I am guilty of some of that and I don’t feel good about it. So enough of that bogus. Let’s get real. And here is the low-down, simple, honest truth, folks: you will never know true human connection if you misrepresent who you are. Humanity is soul empowering and life enhancing. We yearn for it, whether we care to admit it or not.

So when did we all turn plastic? Blame digital cameras (delete, delete, delete) and Facebook. All your friends really want is a thread of authenticity that will connect them to you and your life. Sometimes they see it in that not so perfect body, that off-camera look, that slipping smile. When you allow yourself to be vulnerable, you give others the permission to be themselves. A small exchange takes place. It’s called trust. Here is an excellent Brene Brown TED VIDEO that talks about just that. It’s a good 20 minutes long but it’s an eye-opener.

Blogs can be engaging but they truly connect people in a meaningful way? I want to believe so. I know deep down people have not changed, they just communicate differently. Ultimately it will depend on me: what I share, how I share and why I share. If I use this platform mindfully, with integrity and courage, I know I will meet some amazing people. But first, I will need to swim past my fear of judgment and ridicule. And by writing a book I am already out there, at the mercy of sharks. There is no turning back.

So hello world, let’s get acquainted, shall we?



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