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ABOUT TEA BUDDY : I am writing about different subjects in this blog. You may or may not be interested in all of them. Please use the SELECT CATEGORY box (left) to browse the topics of your choice.

ABOUT ME: (click the red links to learn more). I have been called a serial entrepreneur. I am a Graphic Designer, a Wannabe Chef and a Writer. Teatime for the Firefly, is my debut novel published by Mira/Harlequin (October 2013), Here is the SYNOPSIS and the FIRST CHAPTER.  I am represented by April Eberhardt Literary.

You can read more about me in this Q&A with Jodi Kessler by clicking HERE. I am a very curious person, I love playing pranks and have been accused of having a juvenile sense of humor! Please drop me a line so we can get acquainted.

What tea do I drink you ask? Assam tea of course – brewed strong, with milk. When with company I’ll drink anything, if like the company.


Shona Patel

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  1. Since you’re a graphic designer yourself, did you get any say in how your book would look? This was one thing I was glad of with self publishing, that I could choose my own layout, etc. There are several down sides to self publishing of course, but that was one of the ups!


    1. teabuddy says:

      I gave the Mira/Harlequin art department a whole bunch of reference photos, details and inputs but at the end it’s up to the marketing team. It’s actually a big relief for me to hand this over. I am lucky to have an awesome editor who totally “gets” TEATIME and she is the best conduit I can hope to have. Believe me, it takes a whole village to put a book together. I don’t think I could have done this on my own, even though I have skills and experience in the design/marketing business. Publishing is a different can of worms and I’d much leave the marketing to experienced people in the industry. Besides it leaves me free to do my writing otherwise managing all the bits and pieces would drive me completely batty.


      1. That makes perfect sense and I can completely understand you not wanting to deal with all that. When I self published my book I wished I had people to do all the non-writing stuff so that I could just write. Having a good agent is marvellous, well done with getting that together and finding a great team. It’s very exciting to think that your book will be published next year!


  2. thembastory says:

    Hi Shona,

    You have been awarded a “Liebster Award” by me! Not sure if you have heard of it 🙂 but this is awarded to my top 10 favorite blogs. As with all good things, this award also comes with its own set of terms and conditions ( which are rather easy to follow). Please do read the details at
    Would love to read your answers to my 10 questions.



    1. teabuddy says:

      Many thanks for this honor! I will get to your questions as soon as I am able. Cheers!


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