Shona’s Assam Tea BIHU BOLD is on Amazon!

Check out these  tiny videos I made !

Exciting news, folks!  BIHU BOLD my brand of Assam Tea is  available on AMAZON! This is the  extra-strong Assam I drink  and the same tea I want to bring to my readers. BIHU BOLD comes in teabags for your convenience. This is an exceptional tea, made in small batches and packed at source, just bursting with flavor and freshness. The liquor steeps  to a rich coppery red and pairs divinely with milk. So smooth and delicious! I just love BIHU BOLD and I know you will too.   I can’t wait for you to try it. Please click here to order BIHU BIOLD on Amazon. And don’t forget to drop me a line to tell me what you think.

Sending you all warm wishes for a happy new year!

Big love,


Many of you wrote asking me about the cool BIHU BOLD mug featured on this video. It is the perfect 12 oz size and brews one Bihu tea bag to perfection. Besides the white china also allows you to admire the rich coppery red infusion as it seeps into your cup.. Highly recommended. To purchase BIHU tea mugs go to REDBUBBLE: click here.


    1. Hello Lorna,
      So nice to hear from you and a big Happy New Year!
      Bihu Bold is a lovely strong and garden fresh Assam. I wish you could try some but unfortunately it’s only available in the USA right now (through Amazon). BIHU is the name of the harvest festival in Assam–celebrated with much song and dance among the farming community. BIHU BOLD is a robust “peasant grade” tea –strong with lots of pep and the vibrant and lively flavor you can only find in say, a vine-ripened tomato. This is because the tea is packed at source in the tea planation itself and air-freighted straight to Amazon. I hope it does well. 🙂 Shona


      1. I had a look at your website, and saw the tempting tea and merchandise (very nicely modelled, I must say), and noticed on Amazon that the tea was only available in the States. Thanks for the explanation of the name, it sounds like a very fitting choice. From your description of the tea, I think my mum would love it. I’m more of a Darjeeling gal these days, since I take it black and can’t cope with too much caffeine, but my mum starts every day with a pot of Assam, and enjoys it strong. I like your idea of trying to convert coffee drinkers to drinking Assam, that strikes me as a bold but well thought out ambition. Here’s to BIHU BOLD, may it cheer all those who drink it!


        1. Hello Lorna,
          Your mom and dad are so dear and familiarit’s almost like I’ve met them in person. I miss your blog entries, by the way. I am so chuffed Assistant No.2 (or is she No 1? I forget!) loves Assam Tea. A lot of what I am trying to do with Bihu Bold is advocacy for Assam Tea. Thanks for your good wishes. I hope you are well and thriving! May all good things be yours in 2018 🙂 Shona


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