Put the kettle on, please…

Shona, to put it poetically “all things tea remind me of thee”;  when I saw this picture from Sandy’s vacation at  Sequoia national Park Just last week I knew I had to get a copy for you.  I told her this is perfect postcard for you. She was gracious enough to indulge me. Sandy sends her regards.
With that I’ll have a cuppa, pass the biscotti, please. Anitra

8 thoughts on “Put the kettle on, please…

        1. Hi Heidi,
          There was another gentleman (I will try and dig up his email) who had the same request. I got him in touch with David Air the editor of Koihai.com and I believe he connected with a whole community. Unfortunately, the koihai website is temporarily suspended waiting for a new editor to take over, so I have no idea who to forward you email to. Let me see who I can hook you up with. Best wishes, Shona


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