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Tea Buddy

POST UPDATED ON 07/15/2016

More than 60 varieties of plants contain caffeine. The better known ones are Tea, Coffee, Cocoa and Kola Nuts. Cocoa is fairly low in caffeine but is high in a compound called ‘Theabromine’ which has a caffeine like effect and explains the ‘lift’ one feels after eating chocolate!

Take a look at this caffeine breakdown (FYI drip filter coffee tops the list)

Drip Filter Coffee     150 mg per cup.

Percolated Coffee    120 mg per cup

Instant Coffee        100 mg per cup

Black Tea               30 to 70 mg per cup

Green Tea              10 to 40 mg per cup

Soda/Cola               45 mg per can

In moderation, caffeine is a benefit ­- stimulating the metabolism, increasing brain function and alertness. Because caffeine from tea…

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