13 thoughts on “The evolution of Indian Tea

  1. Shona,
    Your blog today on the Evolution of Indian Tea made me laugh. It was a much needed boost after a very trying day. Thank you so much!


  2. Theanine… no wonder I need two cups of tea (sorry, Lipton. You’ll have to forgive me, I’m American) every morning when I write. Can’t do without it.

    As for the woman picker…everybody knows a woman can’t be an expert at anything, Shona. Best to replace her with a silly, pretty bird. That totally makes sense. (snort!)


  3. Shona, I love your blog…got to see it because a friend of your sister Mihoo forwarded it. I live and write in Assam, though (I don’t know how to say this) I am a coffee drinker, not a tea addict! Met Mithoo again a month or so ago…she spoke about your novel. So looking forward to reading it. Hope we meet sometime!
    Mitra Phukan,
    Guwahati Assam


  4. That was a brilliant post, Shona! I laughed when I read your sister’s response to the peach question, and I think that Lipton tea advert is the best ad I’ve ever seen, thank you for introducing it to me. If I try to work without tea my head goes fuzzy and I feel all confused.


  5. Dear Shona

    Your article that mentions your sister, Mithoo, being a Tea Board girl, “exotic creatures that created a stir wherever they went”, dates back to the time I met her in Assam when working with/for your Dad. She has always been exotic and has created a stir ever since I met her, several decades ago.


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