1. Duncan says:

    The photos are captioned Rotovane and CTC but there is no CTC machine sight and the Rotovane is also lacking! For many years I was tea-planting in Nyasaland/Malawi.With Rotovane and rollers we produced semi-orthodox and then at my next Estate,Lujeri,CTC.Now it is all LTP tea,all produced in a 0continuous process.I loved the sight of the rollers in action and the groans of the Rotovane were music to the ear.Thank you for the site.


    1. teabuddy says:

      Hello Duncan,
      Many thanks for pointing out the oversight.I am told these are Orthodox Tea rolling machines. I have changed the caption accordingly. I am waiting for my friend Larry Brown to send me photos of Rotovane and CTC machines so i can update this post. Meanwhile if you have any photos of the same to share, please send them to me. I will credit you for them. Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your experiences. Many of us have fond memories of our tea garden days. Cheers! Shona


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