Ahhh….morning tea!

Morning tea in my Bodum teapot. It brews and pours perfectly. And nothing goes better with a cup of strong Assam Tea than good old Marie (perfect for dunking) Biscuits!

Strange how a teapot can represent at the same time the comforts of solitude and the pleasures of company.

I drink a lot of tea. Sometimes as much as 5 to 6 cups a day – fully loaded, full-bodied CTC Assam with milk and sugar. These are moments in my day when time ticks slower and the soul lets out sigh: life becomes pondering moments. I see a miniscule fly stretch its gossamer wing to capture a sun diamond in its tip and notice the ocotillo cactus outside my window has just sprung a new bud. Tea times are quiet times in my day, a small stretch that helps me level out before I head back to the computer or rush off to a meeting.

Tea times are social times too. There are things you would tell a friend over a cup of tea, you would never tell otherwise. Tea talk is soul talk. All my friends say I remind them of teatime. Anitra my friend swears she has a Pavlovian reflex to put the kettle on every time I call her. In my childhood, the kettle hissed, teacups tinkled and the doorbell rang almost without stop.

If I am caffeine-buzzed all the time, I just don’t know it. I sleep like a baby at night and sometimes the last thing I drink before I go to bed is a cup of tea. Can I live without tea? Probably. I have gone for days without drinking tea and had no murderous thought towards another human being. I just missed it, like you would an old familiar friend. Now, would I ever drink decaf? Never. Not in a hundred years. Why? Because it tastes butt ugggg-ly, that’s why!! Same reason why I won’t eat low-fat or funny foods that pretend to be bacon. As for decaf being better for you? Haha! Please CLICK HERE if you want to be shocked and/or enlightened on the subject.

As I sit here with my second cup this morning, the sun peeps over a big jagged rock and paints my patio with a  swath of gold. I think to myself, La Dolce Vita. ‘Tis a sweet life indeed.

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My debut novel Teatime for the Firefly is set in a tea plantation in 1940’s Assam India. You can read more about it HERE. Please give me your feedback! Thanks.

I am represented by April Eberhardt Literary.

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  1. Of course i like this post…You make me want to be a tea drinker, though what i am is a coffee hound. If you were caffeine-buzzed when writing this, it doesn’t come through. I’d say i feel gentler just reading it. So thanks for the tea break minus the tea 🙂 And as for tea…maybe some day.


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