Who needs a Tea Cozy?

Really cute Poinsetta tea cozy by Smellymonelly on Etsy (please click image to go to site)

That’s like asking who needs a hug? The whole world does. A teapot inside a tea cozy is a molly-coddled teapot. Cozied teapots are hugged often and this helps the tea ponder as it brews for you. Drinking this tea will make you a wiser and better person. Tea cozies are fun to look at and may cause sudden and inexplicable bursts of joy. Suddenly the world seems just soooo nice! 

Did you know tea cozies make sensational hats? Half the royal guests at William and Kate’s wedding had –guess what on their head– tea cozies! You may also be surprised to learn those fat, fuzzy hat-things worn by the Queen’s guards once sat on her teapots. BIG tea guzzler, she is, that creaky old hatter. Among other functional uses, a tea cozy may be used to dress a cat or warm your feet- but please, not both at the same time. Cats don’t like being crowded with smelly toes and may ruin your new tea cozy out of feline spite and then you will turn around and blame me for giving you bad advice.

Now that I have convinced you the crucial importance of owning a tea cozy, you may want to peruse these exceptional hand-made tea cozies on Etsy. Here’s is a small piece of advice: please make yourself a cup of good, strong tea before you do because by golly, there are some 7,000 tea cozies to choose from and you are about to make a life-enhancing decision. Good luck.

BTW which one did you pick? Just curious. Tell me your tea cozy and I  will tell you the person you are: I will read you like a book and even tell you what you ate for breakfast. Talking about books, if you like tea, tea cozies and hoity-toity conversation such as this, you may like my book Teatime for the Firefly. Check it out and drop me a line and tell me if it’s your cuppa or not.


For more (but not necessarily reliable) information about tea cozies, check out good old Wiki.

Shona Patel’s debut novel Teatime for the Firefly is a love story set in a tea plantation in Assam. You can read more about it HERE.  She is represented by April Eberhardt Literary.


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