Huffington Book Club

The Huffington Post announced its new book club today. Check it out HERE. I have mixed feelings about media endorsed books. Makes me leery. Also what I don’t like is how they are going about the “weekly discussion” thing. I suspect there will be some spoilers along the way which may upset readers who may not be reading at the same pace as others. The good thing about regular Book Clubs that meet, say, once a month, is that you have a window to finish a book: you can read at your own pace and nobody bugs you in between.

There was a certain sincerity about Oprah’s Book Club although I was not always crazy about the books/writers she selected, she seemed genuine enough. Her influence over readers seemed to have diminished after her show. My safest bet, recommendation-wise are still my book buddies. Oprah and Huffington are not going to convince to read a book as readily as they can. I must admit I loved the Jeanette Walls video interview “How book clubs go beyond the book” on the Huffington article though. I LOVED her book The Glass Castle and can’t wait to read Half Broke Horses, which I hear is equally terrific.

What are your thoughts on the Huffington Book Club? Please share.


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  1. samasti says:

    Excellent idea. waiting eagerly for Teatime…


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